Have updated the Masterlist to reflect our switch from January to February, and posted the Masterlist for January. Ba-dum-tish.


From The Vaults: Tritina of Rosebuds and Blood

(Had another seizure this morning; don’t worry, I have a neuro appointment tomorrow, but most of the day was spent in bed, so you’re getting one from the vaults today: the first tritina I ever wrote. Don’t fret too much over the subject matter, I’m still happily dating my boy, but this was written when I was grumpy over a breakup, as I think is pretty clear from the choices I made in writing it.)

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24/01/2016: Tritina of Sacrament

(Quick one for you today, put behind a cut because I’m not too proud of it. Written on a whim, mostly because I liked the word ‘sacrament’. Almost turned into a love poem (again) but took it in a different direction. After seeing how this one went, think I might stick with love poetry. Seems to be doing something for me, while writing about the act of writing seems to be going nowhere for me. Then again, the only way to improve is to keep writing…)

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