From The Vaults: Lovesong no. 1

(I’m going to be away from my computer with only my iPad for company, so I thought I’d post another From The Vaults in the meantime. This was written as a response piece to Sylvia Plath’s Mad Girl’s Lovesong. It doesn’t quite fit a tritina setup, or even really the imagery I wanted, which was why I eventually wrote a sequel sestina, which fits the imagery and meaning I wanted to capture a lot better. I’ll post that one on Valentine’s Day.)

Did you make me up inside your head?

I wake up to find the world gone quiet once again

And all the beasts and birds look


To the sky as if the last bell rung and God forsook

Heaven’s children. The day is silent as the dead

And no one notices or hears as I call again


And again. The Sun is cold; the air is still. Naught to gain

From moving, but on I go, as if I can find what took

The life and left all of the world dead.


But we’re all made up in someone else’s head. Again.

Again. Each day as we awake. Just look.


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