01/02/2016: Prayer

I’m thankful for many things.

I’m thankful for warm nights

And cool beds

And kisses pressed just where my neck meets my ear;


I’m thankful for my long legs

And my strong lungs,

And my tiny shoulders that can carry the weight of the world;


I’m thankful for rainy days

And sleepless nights

And long silences where all you do is smile;


I’m thankful for old books

And new ones, too,

And books that make me think about the world and how it’s changed;


I’m thankful for smiles

And sadness (so that I know when I’m happy)

And my cheeks and chest hurting because I’ve laughed so much;


I’m thankful for love

I’m thankful I’m alive

I’m thankful I’m still writing

And I’m thankful I still have hope.


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