From The Vaults: Lovesong no. 2

(I know, I know, I said I’d post this one on Valentine’s Day. Well, Valentine’s Day turned a bit messy. So, here it is, in all it’s splendor: My first full sestina in years.)

Did you make me up inside your head?

I close my eyes and feel the world beneath us turn,

Or maybe it’s merely my blood pounding while you hold me still

Against the fulcrum of the earth, the wheeling of the stars

And I find within your arms I am made new and bright again

As distantly I hear the thunder crack and roar


And steam rises as the rain begins to pour

(I think you made me up inside your head).

Daylight is fading. I feel within me the slow descend

Of the Sun, the rise of the Moon. I feel her yearn

As she coats her dress in jewels (we see them as stars)

But her husband, the Sun, never sees, because we stand between them still.


Were you a river, I’d drink more than my fill;

Were you the night sky, I’d go to the mountains, withdraw

From the day, and spend each darkness mapping your stars;

(I know you made me up inside your head)

Were you the Sun, a fire, a flame, I’d let myself burn

Against you, for you, within you. Again. Again. Again.


I’m still unsure what there is, what I have, to gain

From telling you this, as I linger in your arms. Still,

I stay, beneath your smile, your kisses that burn.

Night drenches us in whispers, even as I soar

(I don’t care that you made me up inside your head)

High, high up, among the clouds, the Pleiades, the stars.


If life is a stage and we are actors, the play that stars

Us is a strange one, with us in a strange whirligig dance again

(I think I like you made me up inside your head)

And again; Step here, kiss there, pirouette, compliment, hold still,

Politely lie, smile prettily, stumble out the door,

Drunkenly confess your love, ball-change, turn.


The muscles in your back shift. This kiss feels less like a burn,

More a sleepy brush of lips. If we’re meant to be made of stars,

Why does this feel so ordinary, everyday? Why do I love you more

For it? I am neither burned nor drowned again;

But as the Earth turns, we hold together, still.

(I love that you made me up inside your head)


We’re hold so close I can’t discern where you end and I begin again,

And high above the stars look down and watch us still

(Under the roar of thunder I whisper: We’re all made up in someone else’s head.)


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