02/03/2016: Dystopia/Utopia

(I honestly have no idea what inspired this, beyond the 400-level paper I’m taking on the subject. But also, huzzah, I have a computer so semi-regular updates can happen again, yay!)

Two siblings,

Facing each other:

Utopia asks:

“Do you love me?”

Dystopia replies:

“I don’t know.

Do I? Who are you?”

Utopia says:

“I am what is

And should always be;

I am dreams and laughter;

I am hope,

And I am fear.”

Dystopia says,

“But should I love you?

Do you love me?”

Utopia asks:

“Love you? Who are you?”

Dystopia replies,

“I am what is now

And is feared to be;

I am death and I am life;

I am hope

And I am hunger.

Do you love me?”

Utopia answers:

“I love everyone.”

“But do you love me?”

Asks Dystopia,

“Because if you love everyone,

That is the same as loving no one.”

“And I love everyone and I love no one,”

Answers Utopia.

“Then you are me,”

Says Dystopia.

“And I am you,”

Finishes Utopia.


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