26/04/2016: The Orchard: Jak’s Story

(Been feeling a bit wobbly today, and on top of that I have surgery tomorrow – expect more prose and weird babblings on…I dunno. Whatever my drugged up mind comes up with when I get home. In the meantime, let’s have Jak’s story, as well as the introduction of Orchard’s main antagonist.)

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13/04/2016: Walk Like A Boy 2: A Pantoum

EDIT: While I was at boyfriend’s yesterday, I figured out how to make this poem work. YUSSSSSS!

(So I ran into Harry Ricketts yesterday – Harry is the one who introduced me to tritinas and has been encouraging me to write more poetry. He suggested I try villanelles (which I had no idea was the proper name for Plath’s Mad Girl’s Love Song) and pantoums. So y’all get to see my first pantoum, which is a slight disaster. By slight I mean total – I should come back to it some day and fix it so the final stanza actually makes sense, but for the moment I’m quite proud of it.)

(Oh, as for the title, it’s in reference to a freeform poem I wrote as a teenager which was probably the biggest hint I was doomed to end up genderqueer.)

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