All Around The Cosmos: Sociopaths and Sudden Swerves

(Articles for this weeks AAtC are 10 Things Single People Think About Their Friend’s Kids and Yes, There Was A Naked Baby Bump On The VMAs Red Carpet.

ETA: While I usually try to use trans-inclusive language as much as possible, I open with a discussion on the target demographic for one of the above articles, and in the original typing of this post refrained from specifying that the target demographic of Cosmo is cis-women. I’ve corrected the post, and I apologize if anybody was offended.)

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All Around the Cosmos: “Jelena” and Proper Anatomy Lessons

(I’m gonna try and make AAtC a weekly thing, so I’m getting it done now because I won’t have access to my computer for, like, two/three days this week, so best get it done now.

Articles this week are: A Timeline of All the Drama Between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez and 11 Guys Described Seeing a Vagina For the First Time

Most of Cosmo’s coverage this week has been on the Olympics, like every other news outlet, and that has been nothing interesting, so we’ll focus on the two doofiest articles I could find.)

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All Around the Cosmos: A Sexual “Unicorn”

People who are friends with me on fbook will have noticed I’ve been snarking Cosmo’s snapchat feed for the past, I dunno, three months? They’ll also notice I recently stopped for a bit, because my phone decided that displaying snapchat articles was for weaklings and phones that actually worked.

So here’s my latest section of my journal “All Around the Cosmos”, where once a week I pick an article (or series of articles) from Cosmo and dissect them.

This week’s article: How I Found Out I Was A Sexual Unicorn (CW: NSFW, SEX, COSMO, DISCUSSION OF IDIOCY)

Note: I am explicitly and solely using American Cosmo, because New Zealand Cosmo is actually halfway fucking decent.

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