All Around the Cosmos: …do Cosmo read this?

(Articles for this one are What Kind of Drunk Are You According to Science, If You Like Gin You Might Be A Psychopath and 5 Sex Positions For Enhanced Clit Stimulation. Links are in the article.)

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All Around the Cosmos: From Ethics, to Rage, to Doofiness

(This week’s AAtC is a bit early, due to the fact I’m going to be sequestering myself at the university from tomorrow on (CURSE YOU ALEXANDER POPE) when I’m not being sociable or cleaning MY ENTIRE FLAT.

So, doesn’t leave a lot of wriggle room for an AAtC, so I’m getting it done a day ahead, right before I track done the files I’ll be printing out and annotating tomorrow.

First, I’d be remiss if I didn’t note that has done a redesign! It looks like somebody vomited pastel everywhere. Look, I get that Cosmo has always done the ‘pink = girly’ thing (and they at times seem uncomfortably aware that their real demographic are teenage girls) but for a supposed ‘women’s magazine’ it’s a little demeaning.

Secondly, articles for this entry are You’ll Never Want To Eat Candy Again After Watching This Video, Wine is Good for Your Brain, According to Science, and, because I can only rage so long, 5 Dorm Room Sex Positions Every College Student Needs In Her Life because let’s be real, the only reason any of us ever read Cosmo was for the doofy sex articles.)

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All Around The Cosmos: WARNING TMI TMI TMI

(So, long before I started actually snarking Cosmo on my facebook, I wrote this rebuttal to one of the articles I would later snark on my facebook anyway, and it’s been sitting in my drafts folder forever, so I figured I might as well publish it. Fair warning: you will know probably way more about my relationships with blowjobs than you may actually be comfortable with (turn back now, brothers mine). So, in the meantime, enjoy the very, very, VERY first AAtC.)

Article Title: 15 Things Women Wish Men Knew About BJs

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