For the, like, two of you that read this regularly, you may have noticed I dropped off the All Across the Cosmos wagon for two weeks running.



reason one.

It’s Monday, September 26th. I’m feeling like shit, and have been for about four days now – the Thursday before my boyfriend took me to the Mexican Embassy’s celebration for Mexican Independence Day, and I had four margheritas of increasing stiffness.

I hit what I like to term Vignette Stage after the fourth.

Vignette Stage is when you get so drunk you mostly black out, and it’s called that because the night becomes a series of vignettes, rather than an extended movie. My previous Vignette Stage had four or five vignettes, more or less out of order (except the last, hilarious one, but that’s a story for another day, as, really, is this one).

The result was a less a blistering hangover than it was a nauseating one, probably the only time a hangover has made me vomit multiple times. On top of that, the stomach flu that had been threatening to hit me for a while slammed into me full force, so Monday morning I am barely eating, not really focussing on anything coherent, and am repeatedly shocked by my own ability to walk in a straight line.

My father takes me out to lunch, at which I eat half an egg and full pot of peppermint tea, before giving up. By this point, my boyfriend has started sending me texts, letting me know he’s on break, so, excited I call him up.

“Uh, there’s a problem,” he says. His voice is unusually tense.


“…My brother-in-law is in the ICU.”

Half an hour later, myself, my boyfriend and my boyfriend’s weeping sister are in ICU (as I note wryly, these are appalling circumstances under which to meet) making sure his BIL is safe.

For three days, we ferry between my boyfriend’s home and the hospital, until we get the call that he’s stable enough to go to the residential hospital in his home.

To say I am exhausted at the end of it does no justice to the word ‘exhaustion’.

reason 2.

Flashback to three weeks ago. I’m idly scrolling through my university’s website (appallingly designed as always) trying to find out when the exams are, when I come across two dates that make me damn near have a heart attack:

October 25th – Last date for MA applications

November 1st – Last date for scholarship applications


Like a flurry of motion, I’m busy contacting the head of the EngLit MA department to find out who I need to talk to, what I need to do, what I need to write, and who my supervisor will be.

I am still in the process of sorting out my EOI.

reason 3.

Flashback to last week Wednesday.

I run into someone else also doing a research essay.

“So when are they due?”

“Oh…October 14th I think,” he says calmly.


I’ve been massively handicapped in doing work for mine owing to a period of three weeks where I basically couldn’t type, and now I have to catch up like a motherfuck.


-My second essay for ENGLIT444 has to be written

-I have to prepare for my exam for ENGLIT444

-I have to find a job

-I have to find a flat

So, All Across the Cosmos is going to be on hiatus until, best guess, Hallowe’en, or whenever either I get a spare moment to write it or someone nudges me to write another one.

Love you all.


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