21/01/2016: Orchard: Something is Rotten

CW: Mental illness and drug use. The character Siobhan is not a happy character.

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12/03/2016: Orchard: What Dreams We May

(Wow. I totally failed this month. Sorry, honors is kicking my ass. And my kicking my ass I mean ‘I am enjoying it thoroughly but losing large amounts of free time to research, reading and doing things that allow me to not lose my mind, of which this blog is not one’. So, yeah. Fortunately I have most of today to do crap, so I’m using this morning to do this.

Not-really prequel to The Midnight Thieves and The Burning Lily; this one explicitly introduces four main characters as well as the Orchard of Sorrows.)

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18/02/2016: Orchard: The Burning Lily and the Midnight Thieves

(This piece of prose requires some backstory.

So last year I had two breakups. One was amicable. The other was not. In order to get over the not-amicable breakup, I started writing stories about my friends and I. The first was plainly just me being unfair and angry at my ex and I soon lost interest in it. The second was abandoned because it was bad. The third was actually kind of good, until I got a really long way in and then realized that I had gotten so invested in the story that I now wanted to make it work and the only way to do that was to start over with original characters.

So here is me doing…I guess you’d call it a prologue piece to the whole story. It introduces a few of the major players and major concepts. Also, I clearly can’t quite get away from author and friend inserts, because there are a couple here. Ah, well.

Fourth time is the charm?)

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